A Lifetime Of Tech Experience

My name is Drew. I've been building, modding, breaking and fixing electronics since I was a teenager. I got my start doing on site electronics repairs (computers, phones, printers, cameras, video game consoles, you name it). When a friend's dad gave me a gigantic book about Java 3, I knew I had found my calling. After college (and learning some newer versions of Java) I started getting involved in Big Data analytics, first in a corporate job, then for the federal government. During my 5 years with Homeland Security, I wrote software in Python and Java, designed ingestion pipelines and schema for ingestion into graph databases, and worked directly with agents in the field to . Since leaving the federal government I've been working at a few different startups, which has allowed me the opportunity to wear more hats and start taking on more devops and solutions architecting work. At my last job I worked my first full time devops position, where I worked with clients to flush out requirements, and design solutions and migration plans.



My Kubernetes powered home network that I share with some friends and family. It started out as wanting to practice Kubernetes and has turned into a (nearly) production-ready environment. It includes a full logging, monitoring and alerting stack that emails me when issues come up, distributed Ceph based storage, high availability, loadbalancing, Nvidia GPU passthrough, reverse proxying through Cloudflare for public endpoints and several apps.

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OpenStack Deploy Tools

Terraform code and scripts to automate my personal project deployments to any OpenStack powered cloud provider.  I ran some of my homelab projects in an OpenStack provider before switching over to fully self-hosting.

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Telegram Interpreter Bot

A dockerized interpreter bot on Telegram Messenger that can be invited into group chats to translate everything the group says to/from English into your target language using Google Translate.


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About Me

Besides computer languages, I also love people languages and accents. I can usually tell where people are from after hearing them say a few sentences, though American accents can be tricky. I speak (Mexican) Spanish pretty fluently which I use to get into confusing conversations with the many Salvadorians, Peruvians, and Hondurans living here in the DC area.  Also working on German with my wife for our next European vacation.
I've played guitar most of my life on and off, but have recently become interested in bass guitar so now I'm not good at either. I love music, I try to keep up with new genres and trends but like my parents before me I'm increasingly bewildered by the new stuff and sticking with my generation's music like the millenial geezer I'm slowly turning into.