Personal Homelab

My mostly Kubernetes home network that I share with some friends and family. It started out as wanting to practice Kubernetes and has turned into a near production-ready environment. It includes a full logging, monitoring and alerting stack that emails me when issues come up, distributed Ceph based storage, high availability, loadbalancing, Nvidia GPU passthrough, reverse proxying through Cloudflare for public endpoints and several apps.

Homelab Diagram

OpenStack Deploy Tools

Terraform code and scripts to automate my personal project deployments to any OpenStack powered cloud provider. Most of these are projects I was running on my own self hosted OpenStack cloud using Canonical MicroStack. I eventually ended up removing OpenStack from my network, it was quite a lot for one person to manage and I was spending too much time fixing things that worked yesterday but don’t today. It’s an excellent project and a great open source alternative to the Big Three cloud providers.